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The group successfully held the 2022 marketing system training meeting and marketing work conference

11-22, 2022 / in Group News / by Longhua

From October 6th to 7th, Longhua Group held the 2022 marketing system training meeting and marketing work meeting at the headquarters in Luoyang. This meeting is the first system-wide marketing meeting of the group, and it shows that the group company attaches great importance to marketing work, It once again highlights the group's operating philosophy of "management is the leader". At the meeting, all employees of the marketing system will be trained and the sales model in 2022 will be commended. The current work completion will be systematically summarized, the current economic situation will be scientifically judged, and the work for the fourth quarter will be fully deployed. Group Chairman Li Zhanming, General Manager Liu Yufeng, Vice Chairman Li Zhanqiang, Executive Deputy General Manager Li Jiangwen and other leaders of the group, leaders of each subsidiary (branch) company, and nearly 240 people from the marketing system attended the meeting.

At the marketing system training meeting, the trainer led everyone to carefully analyze and learn how to do a good job in key account development and other business issues from the dimensions of key account marketing process, customer demand mining, and win-win negotiation skills. General manager Liu Yufeng summarized the whole day training and gave instructions and arrangements for the marketing work meeting. Liu Yufeng pointed out that the complexity, severity and uncertainty of the current economic development environment continue to rise, and it is necessary to further "clarify the direction, increase awareness, change methods, and strengthen capabilities" to effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission to do a good job in marketing; Implement the business philosophy of the top leader, strengthen the leading position in the business, accurately profile key customers, and deeply develop the value of key customers. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen thinking and ability, build a high-quality management team, coordinate the planning of large projects, and control the operation of large projects throughout the cycle.

At the marketing meeting, all the marketing staff of the group conducted group discussions on different business sectors. The reporters of each group made wonderful speeches respectively. The vice presidents of operations of each company shared excellent marketing cases and experiences, and representatives of each company made speeches respectively. At the same time, the 2022 sales model will be commended at the meeting.

Chairman Li Zhanming fully affirmed the achievements of the marketing work in the first three quarters, and deeply analyzed the current problems and deficiencies. He emphasized that 2022 has entered the final fourth quarter, and this meeting fully demonstrated the firm confidence and sufficient energy of Longhua's business marketing teams. The group company will further formulate various incentive mechanisms with market competitiveness for all operating personnel and build a growth and development platform. Also require:

1. Resolutely do a good job in the marketing of key customers. We must base ourselves on the big market, serve key customers, and provide key customers with priority, high-quality, and preferential services based on the principles of high quality, high efficiency, and convenience.

2. Strengthen continuous learning ability, continuously improve professional ability, innovation ability, management ability, and risk prevention and control ability, so that there are ideas in the mind, problems in the eyes, tricks in the hands, and ways in the feet.

3. It is necessary to further strengthen team building, guide positive energy and a good atmosphere, guide good ideas and methods, supervise and produce good results and good results, and create a marketing iron army with excellent professionalism, excellent character and super combat effectiveness, which will drive The company's various business segments and departments are running at high speed.

In the first three quarters of 2022, in the face of the dual pressure of epidemic prevention and control and economic downturn, Longhua fulfilled its duties, strengthened fine management internally, continued to expand and deepen externally, and successfully completed the business goals for the first three quarters. The clarion call for decisive victory in the fourth quarter has already sounded. Longhua Group will reorganize its equipment and forge ahead on a new journey. Taking operation as the leader, management as the basis, and efficiency as the goal, it will achieve the perfect end of the annual task and further create Longhua. New prospects for high-quality development.

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