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The groundbreaking ceremony of Sannuo New Material's 60,000 tons per year high performance extractant project was successfully held.

06-07, 2023 / in Group News / by Longhua

On May 8, the groundbreaking ceremony of Sannuo New Material(a subsidiary of Longhua Group) 60,000 tons per year high performance extractant project was successfully held in Luoyang City.


The market is now in the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries to energy-saving and environmental protection industries, and the global electrification of automobiles has led to a significant increase in demand for new energy metals. The extractant has a wide range of applications as an environmentally friendly and efficient production material.


According to the need of group’s development, Longhua Group invested to set up Sanno New Material Technology (Luoyang) Co., Ltd in Luoyang in January 2023. and make it as a new growth point of the energy-saving and environmental protection section of Longhua. Sanno New Material is mainly engaged in the research and development of rare earth extraction, copper metal extraction, new energy battery metal extraction, mineral flotation and other technologies. The products are not only widely used in the fields of rare earth, copper, zinc, wet refining phosphoric acid, etc., but also applied to new energy metals (lithium, nickel cobalt, manganese). They can also be used as the main solvent in the production of hydrogen peroxide and pesticide. Sanno New Material has established stable cooperation relationship with many domestic rare earth enterprises, new energy enterprises and phosphorus chemical enterprises.

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