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Streamline management, strengthen the team, emphasize the implementation, improve the effectiveness - Longhua Group held the 2023 annual goal promotion and management personnel training meeting

10-19, 2023 / in Group News / by Longhua

From October 12 to 14, Longhua Group held the 2023 annual goal promotion and management personnel training meeting. The meeting trained managers of the group and the subsidiaries, comprehensively analyzed the economic operation of the subsidiaries in the first three quarters, and formulated the next step of work improvement measures. This meeting further unified the company's objectives, strengthened the confidence of everyone, with full of courage to achieve the annual goals and tasks. Group company executives, the main person in charge of functional departments, all the management personnel of subsidiaries participated in this meeting.


At the training, the lecturer through the form of case study, let everyone realize the importance of implementation. The whole training process had an active atmosphere, and the staff's participation was highly active.


Executive Deputy General Manager Li Jiangwen made work arrangements for economic tasks and put forward opinions and requirements for the fourth quarter and next year's work.


General Manager Liu Yufeng made arrangements for each company in three aspects: preventing business risks, strengthening management of large customers and large projects, and planning next year's work objectives.

Chairman Li Zhanming, praised the work of subsidiaries in the first three quarters, put forward requirements for the next step of the development of subsidiaries and made important arrangements for the development of talent team, system construction, incentive system and other aspects.


Entering the ending stage of 2023, all the staff of the Group have firm confidence to overcome difficulties, and make every effort to improve market development, ensure product delivery, and complete all tasks.

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