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Longhua Group organizes staff training for new college graduates in 2023

08-02, 2023 / in Group News / by Longhua

In order to improve the work enthusiasm of new college graduates and establish teamwork, mutual trust, positive communication and collaboration team consciousness, the Group organized the staff training for new college graduates in 2023 according to the arrangement of new college graduates' training plan from July 5th to 7th.


Through the three-day training, this year's new college graduates strengthened their team awareness, enhanced their communication skills, improved their work enthusiasm, understood the importance of teamwork, and appreciated the position of each person in the team and how to play their roles, laying a foundation for them to take up the workplace later.


Longhua Group takes the training of new college graduates as an important task and insists on it for a long time, which enhances the enthusiasm of the employees, improves their comprehensive quality, stimulates their vitality, and contributes wisdom and strength to the high-quality development of the Group.

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